Rewriting Act 2 Scene 5

Juliet: I sent the Nurse at 9 o’clock. She promised to return in half an hour. Perhaps she cannot meet him. That can’t be. Oh she is slow! Loves messengers should be thoughts, that fly ten times faster than sunbeams. They should be strong enough to push shadows over the dark hills. That’s the way doves carry Venus so fast, and that’s why Cupid has wings that let him fly as fast as the wind. Now it’s noon. That’s three hours since nine o’clock, but she hasn’t come back. If she was young and passionate, she’d move as fast as a ball. My words would bounce her to my sweet love, and his words would bounce her back to me. But a lot of old people act like they’re already dead—sluggish, slow, fat, and colourless, like lead.

Oh my God, her she comes. Oh sweet Nurse, what is the news? Did you meet with him? Send your man away.

Nurse: Peter wait at the gate

Juliet: Now Nurse, why do you look so sad? If the news is sad tell me like it’s good and if the news is good you are tricking me with your sour face expressions.

Nurse: I am tired. Can you please me alone for a minute my bones ache. I have been running all over the place.

Juliet: I wish you had my bones and I had your news, now please Nurse tell me, speak good.

Nurse: Jesus! you’re in such a rush, can’t you wait a little longer I’m out of breathe.

Juliet: Well you had enough breath to tell me you had know breath. The excuses you are making to make it longer than the news itself. Just tell me if the news is good or bad, I can wait for the details later but need to be satisfied now.

Nurse: Well, you have made a foolish choice. You don’t know how to pick a man. Romeo? No, not him, though his face is more handsome than any man’s, and his legs are prettier, and as for his hands and feet and body, they’re not much to speak of, and yet they’re beyond compare. He’s not the most polite man in the world, but, believe me, he’s gentle as a lamb. Well, do what you want. Be good. Have you had lunch yet?

Juliet: No I haven’t had lunch! And everything you just told me I already new. Tell me about our marriage, what about that.

Nurse: Man I have a bad headache, my head is pounding. It feels like its about to shatter, and ouch my back to (Juliet rubs her back) Oh no the other side, Ouch it hurts so bad. Curse you for sending me all over town, ya know I could get sick and die.

Juliet: Believe me I am so sorry that you are in pain, oh but sweet sweet Nurse what did my love Romeo say?


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