Future Dystopia Writing

The skyscrapers, which normally are full of purpose, are now dull and lifeless. Above me, I can only see as far as the building tops, as the gloomy fog covers this city like a blanket. I feel nothing but loneliness as I stroll these abandoned streets. The empty roads and dark skies are the only things I can relate to at the moment. Surrounded by fog I can see some of it is coming from a burning building. Normally I would freak out over this, but over these past few days, this is the new normal. This strange noise keeps re-occurring and echoing through this lifeless city and in my mind, I know that whatever it is they were the ones who destroyed my home.

Finding my vision I peer through the fog finding the thing I have been searching for this whole time, my apartment. I stumble into the familiar heavy doors although don’t smell the sweet vanilla smell that I remember. This new sense is harsh and reminds me of the bad rubbish smell, times ten. This smell is so strong something almost feels off or awfully close. My heart rate increases just thinking of what it could be. The floor is creaking as I make my way quietly to my room. Above me, a loud screech fills my ears. Forgetting about the noises, I search through the whole apartment trying to find something to fill my rumbling stomach. Nothing. I now wish I wasn’t so lazy and didn’t order takeaways every night. Thuds surround me causing goosebumps to cover me from head to toe and forcing me to enter back into reality. Above, behind, below, these ginormous footsteps feel like they are coming from every direction. Trying to pull myself together, I start thinking of possible plans. Even though I am still not certain how close this beast is, I definitely know it is way to close for my liking. My mind is stumbling for ideas, the pressure is getting to me as this is literally a life or death situation.

Overthinking the situation I eventually decide to just go for it. I know this concrete jungle like the back of my hand, therefore deciding to make my way to my favourite coffee shop. I pray that there is food here otherwise I don’t know how much longer I can survive. I exit the apartment quietly, grabbing a knife on the way out. Tiptoeing down the stairs and into the lobby a sigh of relief hits me. Above me a large green goo is dangling from the top of the building where the luxurious chandelier normally hangs. Exiting the building I realize this is probably the last time I will see it. It’s hard to process this and think of all the memories from this one building. Taking my last glance at what was once my home, it starts to creak very loud. I don’t take much notice and continue my brave journey to the coffee shop. I let my mind wander, forgetting about the devastation over these past few days. Thinking about what it was like before this science experiment was leaked into the world. Before I can get another thought into my head a massive loud screech fills the emptiness of this city. Panicking I dip into the nearest ally way. As I look back tracing where I had just come from, I experience my apartment collapse. Gone. Now it is only a pile of concrete on the ground. I can’t let this get to me. I stumble back onto the path, tears rolling down my face like a waterfall. I try to keep going, but I just can’t. Dropping to the ground my heart sinks. This is it. Normally I would never give up, but I have lost all hope. How am I, a 16 year old girl, supposed to defeat a dragon.

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