Dystopia Writing – Future Sport

When my feet hit this new territory, I now realize my status. Surrounded by famous athletes and their coaches makes me feel intimidated, although I know what I’m about to do. Towering overtop of me stand the tall gates to enter the village. With my heart pounding and hands shaking, it looks suspicious and I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. As I make my way to the dressing room, I feel the nerves kick in more and can’t wait till this is over with. Overhearing everyone talk about how long they have been preparing for this makes me feel guilty, but this is the future of the Olympics and I am just starting it.

Infront of me lies this fancy dressing room, which smells like a new car. I can’t hear anyone near me, and there isn’t a window in here so I knew this was a perfect time. Behind me, the door is still wide open, as I look to close it I make sure no one sees me. I reach into my bag and open the secret compartment which luckily passed through the security unharmed. Before I do this I think back to what my coach said to me, Do I feel bad for doing this?




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