Act 4, Scene 5

Act 4, Scene 5
Wednesday morning
Location: Juliets bedroom
Characters: Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet, Friar Lawrence, Paris, Musicians and Peter
Events: The Nurse goes to wake Juliet up. She opens her curtain and keeps telling her to get up although Juliet is not moving. The Nurse then realises that Juliet is dead she is speechless. Lady Capulet asks why she is making so much noise and then finds out the bad news. Friar Lawrence and Capulet enter to also hear the bad news. Lady Capulet pretends to care, so does Friar Lawrence as he already knows what is going on. Peter is in grief and asks the musicians to play him music, but the playful banter they were having turned into a fight.
Quote: The heavens do lour upon you for some ill. Move them no more by crossing their high will.


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