Act 4, Scene 2,3&4

Act 4, Scene 2,3,4
Tuesday afternoon – Wednesday morning
Location: Capulets house
Characters: Capulet, Juliet, Servingman 1 2 3, Nurse, Lady Capulet
Events: Juliet tells her family to go forth with the wedding. Her family are thrilled and decide to bring the wedding closer, so close they want it to be the next day. Later on Juliet persuades the Nurse to let her be tonight and asks the Nurse to not sleep in her room. The Nurse agrees and this meant Juliet could follow through with her plan she decides if the potion doesn’t work she will have a dagger sitting next to her. As night falls and the time has come for Juliet to drink the potion, she starts to procrastinate. She thinks and stumbles upon scenarios that may occur when she wakes up. She worries and worries until she makes the final decision and drinks the potion, making it a toast to Romeo. On Wednesday morning her family is getting ready for the big day. The Nurse gets ordered to go and wake Juliet up.
Quote: “Romeo, Romeo, Romeo! Here’s drink-I drink to thee

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