Act 1 Scene 2 Summary

Act 1, Scene ii
Location: A street in Verona
Characters: Capulet, County Paris, Servant, Benvolio, Romeo
Time: Saturday Afternoon
Events: Paris is eager to marry Juliet. Paris goes to see Capulet to ask for his consent. Although Capulet is weary that Juliet is to young and instead invites him to his party to make sure she want to marry him to. Capulet then sends his Servant off to give out the rest of the invitations to the party. Unfortunately the Servant has never learnt to read and asks a stranger on the street and this stranger ends up being Romeo. The servant thanks him for his help and invites him to the party as long as he’s not a Montague. Benvolio is excited to show that there are many other beautiful girls and Romeo is excited to see Rosaline. Although he quotes “I’ll go along no such sight to be shown, But to rejoice in splendour of my own”

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